Discover the benefits of DNA.files

At CBR Genomics we feel the urgency of putting the most recent scientific advances at the service of Medicine, with the aim of improving your quality of life. As such, we have developed DNA.files, a complete genetic study with a significant impact on your health. Get to know the advantages of the DNA.files service and find out what sets us apart:

We offer a personalised service

Each customer is treated in a unique way. Our DNA is unique and this is what defines our identity. As such, we believe in personalised service, tailored to the needs and individuality of each person.

We analyse a wide range of diseases

Each DNA.files service includes a broad panel of genes, associated with the development of certain diseases, covering the most diverse clinical specialties. By resorting to the DNA.files service, you are not only studying the possibility of developing common diseases, but also analysing rare diseases, little known and whose diagnosis is generally very difficult.

More than health, we bring tranquility to your life

Through the information present in your DNA, it is possible to monitor your health in a personalised way. DNA.files is a clinical decision support tool that can be used by your physician to improve your healthcare.

We have a simple and non-invasive test

Your DNA is obtained through a simple saliva sample. This can be collected by you, quickly and painlessly. We do not use blood samples or resort to overly invasive medical techniques.

We offer an investment for life

After analysing the genes present in the prescribed DNA.files panel and issuing the final clinical report, your genetic data is stored in our database. In the future, if necessary, you can access your genetic data again and analyse a different set of genes, with a much lower cost and a much faster response time. By purchasing DNA.files you are not just buying an immediate service, but making an investment in your health for life.

We have a reduced response time

Through our DNA analysis technology, the response time to obtain the results takes between 3 to 4 months, a time substantially shorter than the conventional genetic tests. In a second analysis, and for another set of genes, the response time is even more reduced, taking just a few weeks.

We guarantee maximum security and privacy

The security of your genetic data is our priority. The information present in the DNA is encrypted in order to guarantee the highest standards of privacy. Genetic data is anonymized and stored in a certified data center with strict backup rules. Access to genetic data can only be done after the patient's consent, and at the request of his physician.